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Web Site Promotion – How to Promote a Website For Beginners

So you’ve built a beautiful website but want to drive traffic to it. Without any web traffic it will join the 1000s of abandoned ones on the Net where the site owners gave up. Most beginners can’t invest much money to promote their website so they use free methods instead of paid advertising. Instead of providing 100s of methods I’ll just outline the most effective free methods beginners can use to promote a website.

Steps to promote your website

1. Create a marketing plan

Without a clear marketing plan you’ll probably give up. Write down your marketing strategies, how to do them and when will they be done. Create a schedule (e.g. write and publish an article three times a week) then stick to it until you begin to see results (e.g. increased traffic, subscribers, sales).

2. Optimize your website for the search engines

Search engines use keywords to find your web pages therefore include them throughout your website e.g. title and description meta tags, headings, subheadings, main content, navigation links, internal links, image descriptions (alt tag) and file names.

Research the keywords people use to find your website by entering your main keyword in the free keyword research tool… Wordtracker. It will provide a list of related keywords and display the number of searches per month for each one. Include one or two of these keywords in the content for every page you optimize.

3. Build incoming links

Search engines rank a website according to the quality and quantity of links pointing to it. Once you’ve optimized your website create a link building plan that builds links to your web pages.

Here is one very effective link building strategy:

3. Article marketing on steroids

Content is King on the Web so either learn how to write articles or get someone to write them for you. Add the content to your blog, website, article directories, social media properties (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and/or repurpose it into podcasts (MP3 file), videos, short reports, eBooks, email courses and teleseminars. As a result you’ll generate lots of links, traffic and sales from your website.

Each article you write should target a keyword from the list you created from your research. Weave this keyword into your headline, paragraphs and resource box. Remember to link back to your website in the resource box at the end of each article. Submit the article to the top article directors (e.g. Convert the article to a video then submit it to video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube).

The key to successful website promotion is consistency and perseverance.

Internet Home Based Business Opportunities – Success in 7 Easy Steps

Forget it, give up, I quit! Is this how you feel about making money online? I remember exactly how I felt when nothing was working and I wanted to quit.  Boy am I glad I didn’t give up now, it is amazing how a few small bits of information can dramatically change your results. I have often heard people say that it is only a few percent difference between being unsuccessful and an all time legend. When it comes to Internet Home Based Business Opportunities this is definitely the case.The reason why most people don’t achieve success with their online marketing is that they don’t treat is at a home based business. Most people see it as a bit of fun that probably isn’t going to work. If this is you then you need to either give up or lift your game.What if there really was a way to create an internet home business that could passively earn you 6 figures a year. Can you imagine how different your life would be? This is my plea to youDon’t give up without a fight – Believe me it will be worth it in the endI was in the exact same position that you are in today, infact every successful person online was originally in your position. What is my point? This isn’t an easy game to play, if it was then everyone would do it. But because it does take some work it is all the more plesuarable when you figure it out and start making serious money from home.Here is a 7 step plan on how to find the best Internet Home Based Business Opportunities and more importantly how to start making money.Step 1. Figure out what type of business you wantStep 2. Figure out what niche or market it is going to be inStep 3. Find a proven business plan or system that you can use (don’t try and invent the wheel again)Step 4. Get a mentor that has already achieved success with this planStep 5. Take massive actionStep 6. Test and measure everything that you do onlineStep 7. Enjoy your rewards

So You Want to Start a Home Based Business?

This week I received a phone call from a dear friend wanting advice on working from home. My friend lost his job last year due to cutbacks. He was forced to take a “so called” early retirement, even though he was not even close to retirement age. This seems to be the norm these days. People are being let go from positions they’ve held for years and are looking for ways to regain the lost income.My friend, knew that my company had evolved from a home base start and needed some pointers about how to get started in his new vocation. Here are a few of the questions asked and what I shared. Perhaps, you too, are facing a job or career change and considering working from home as an option. If so, I hope you find some of my responses helpful.Question:What is needed to start a business from home?Answer:First step is to check with your local township and state to see what types of license or permits may be needed. If you are going to be selling product, you may need to obtain a Resale Tax license so that you are not paying sales tax on product you purchase to resell. You will want to determine a name for your business. Most states require that you file for a “DBA” license or permit (doing business under an assumed name). There are fees associated with licenses and permits and the cost will vary from state to state. Your county clerk’s office is a good starting point for gleaning valuable insight into what your particular state/county/or township may require.Question:Will I need to pay quarterly taxes to the IRS from my earning, or can I just pay at the end of tax year?Answer:This is a question for an accountant. When setting up a home based business, I strongly urge you to contact a local accounting firm to assist with financial planning. An accountant can provide insight about whether you will want to be a sole proprietor, a Limited License corporation (LLC), or and INC. I personally opted for a LLC and hired an attorney to draft the necessary paperwork. Again, there are annual license fees involved for both LLC and INC businesses.Question:What expenses can I deduct with a home-based business?Answer:This will depend on your business type. My friend’s new company will provide a service which edits copy and offers “political ghost-writing”. There is no inventory involved and home office space is limited to one room of the house. When I started my business, it involved inventory and an office. I needed a place to store the stock I would be shipping as well as a packing area. The dedicated business areas within my home were tax deductible based on the square footage used. Any square footage you claim is usually depreciated over time and may affect any capital gain you might earn if you sold your home. For this reason, it’s important to work with your accountant to determine how a home business could affect your home equity.Here are some of the things I was able to deduct when I started my home business. You will want to consult with your accountant and/or legal firm based on your business type:1) A portion of my waste disposal bill. There was plenty of garbage related to business operations.2) The land and cell phones since they were used for business. I opted to have a separate land line installed just for business use.3) If you have a web site, you can deduct the fees associated with your internet connection. This also includes any fees assessed by your web hosting company.4) Don’t forget to deduct advertising costs. This includes business cards, search engine ads for your web site, newspaper ads, or ads placed in trade publications. Do you plan to give away printed material, product, or samples to advertise your company? You will want to deduct the related expenses.5) I was able to deduct a portion of my annual heating and utility bill based on the square footage of the home space I claimed as work related.6) Do you plan to accept credit cards or have a business banking account? All of the fees charged for the use of these accounts is deductible. This includes any PayPal fees that might be assessed and deducted from payments you received for services or goods.7) If you are mailing or shipping product or printed materials, keep all your receipts. This is also a deductible business expense.8) Office supplies, packing materials, cleaning supplies (after all, you do need to clean your work area), mileage and gas relating to work, licenses and permit fees…. all of these are business expenses you don’t want to overlook.9) And don’t forget about your business equipment! Your laptop, desktop computer, printers, copier, desk, print cartridges, and fax machine (if used for business) should be listed as business expenses when filing your tax return.10) Finally, don’t forget about business related software purchases, service maintenance for equipment, insurance for your car and any liability or additional home insurance you have to cover business equipment and stock.I have only covered some of the expenses that may be valid business deductions. If considering working from home, link up with an expert in your local area. The best thing I ever did when starting my company was to find a good accounting firm (and I’m not talking H & R block) and a specialized business attorney. You will also find a wealth of information and assistance at your local bank. My bank assisted with setting up my credit card gateway payments and business checking/savings accounts. You will be surprised at the many free services banks offer new businesses.